Why Living Life Script was born; Boredom is not an option for me. Searching for a new first is what staying active and avoiding aging is all about.


I have so many friends and acquaintances asking me ‘how do you know about these places to visit; how do you have time to go?”  One thing I’ve discovered after seriously considering putting ‘my adventuresome’ life in writing, is this is very natural to me.  It is my personality.  I have probably been to 20 new places within one hour of my address in the last two months.  I have shared great laughs over seeing some one laugh at me, and I have had heart warming hugs and kisses via Skype.


Also, and however; adventures and happiness aren’t only in ‘someplace’ different.  It is also, for me, means experiencing something new with someone.  Making someone else’s day, because I can.  Making someone who is sad happy by sharing something positive with him, by lifting someone’s spirits recognizing ‘divine whispers’, and simply by making lemonade. And I make a heck of a lot of lemonade!!!

I have never been one to sit around and wait on adventure to come to me.  I want to explore, learn, meet people, and know more today than I knew yesterday.  I want to live life, grand, full, and with passion, service, and love.  If you met me in person you would not see an energizer bunny spinning into action.  I just search, plan, and seize the opportunity.

The reason for LLS is to help people who are looking for a fuller life; more adventure, more firsts; not doing the same old same old. Whether it is simply finding something new to do in your own town, or traveling around the world, every first is an eye opening experience.  There are unique, gratifying, and challenging opportunities in our very own backyards. We have a huge world to explore, and the explorations I have done thus far have molded, reconstructed, and encouraged the rest of my life.  They changed the way I raised my family which molds the way my grandchildren will enjoy life and leave their imprint.  If I end up with cancer tomorrow, I will find the most fabulous yet affordable place in the world to get treatment; if I am proposed to tomorrow, I will find the most romantic place in the world to forever remember the union of our commitment for life; if death steals away the bliss and harmony that I share with a friend or cherished loved one, I will find the place in this world to mourn as I need to.  Home is where I work, sleep, and do daily routines.  Home is not where ‘I” live.  I live in my mind where my ideas, experiences, and inspirations simmer, boil, then are centrifuged into reality due to action.  Boredom is not possible.

Experiences don’t mean expenses.  Sometimes a beautiful bed of pine needles under the darkest sky exposing the brightest of stars transcends into the most ravenous sleep.  Sometimes the exquisite quietness of the river in the middle of the night is the most luring lullaby; sometimes the power of the rushing creek is enough mental impetus to create the most lucrative intellectual creations.  The grind; the daily work, tending to the same old same old, boredom, lack of mental stimulus, is just not for me.

I have adventures where I am on a tight budget, and I have had adventures where the budget was not a consideration.  I will try to share the dollar value of the experience, but more important to me is to have the experience regardless.  Every adventure, whether one mile away, or thousands of miles away, is a new first; a new opportunity to grow again and again.  


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