Treat Your Brain Like a Light Switch


Brain Cluster Fudge

Your brain is like a city that never sleeps. It wanders all over the place throughout the day. It never stops thinking. It never sleeps, not even when you’re sleeping. Sometimes your brain brings you euphoria when you think about the good things. But a lot of times it just needs to shut up. Especially when you’re trying to do something that extends beyond your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Have you ever set your alarm to 5am, instead of your normal 7am, so that you can hit the gym before work? And when that alarm rings, you either snooze it or shut it off completely because your brain told you “I’m too tired” or “I just need 5 more minutes?” I challenge you to try something new. Next time, just switch your brain off (I know it’s hard) but next time, when that alarm rings, don’t snooze it…

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