Sumo House, Vero Beach. Just what we needed before an approaching hurricane, and ending a very long week!

Sumo front page menu

Another First:  Thanks to Mr Wonderful, Sumo House was a peaceful and also jubilant place to visit.  And, as you know, it is about the experience of doing something new; I review dishes, adventures, and experiences from $1 and up.  From Lake Como, Italy, to my backyard.  I hope you enjoy!

A busy, stressful, hot week; a hurricane predicted in two days; not enough hours in the day and not enough days remaining to do what is needed to be prepared.  We could easily have ordered out or cooked in; but, we wanted service tonight.

Sometimes he amazes me.  His career is completely demanding.  To be committed to do what is RIGHT; for everyone involved and not ‘playing the game’ simply for one’s own climb; to do what is right for every person in every position is a daunting task that truly must consume 100% of the neurological synapses that encompass each and every action in a 24 hour day position:  And now, preparing for a hurricane, he must be mentally exhausted.

So, when he says, “let’s go.  I want to go out”, I was surprised. His favorite is the local fajitas and margaritas; but he said “tell me some options! What haven’t we tried, right here, close to home?”  So, I laid out a list of options; Sumo House was his choice.

Sumo entry

Entering, we find the expected Thai presentation.  But a few more steps in, we hear a single musician renduring a smooth buz of melodic tones; enough to fill the spaces but not too much to interrupt conversation.  Nice.

Service was on the dime.  Just what he needed.  He wanted someplace quiet, choices gallore, good service, and plentiful tasteful food.  We made the right choice.

Sumo square medallion

I LOVE hearing people talking; engaging in conversations that are meaningful; using proper etiquette and having an upbeat and appreciative manner.  We, if we paused to listen, could hear just that.  An elderly couple sitting nearby that we could not see, were so engaged in their conversations that I could visualize their words.  A visual that conjures up near and dear thoughts of my parents.

I know with the abundance of Thai food, an appetizer is out of the question for me.  I can barely manage eating half my entree so we both skipped the first plates.  And, we didn’t share.  Mr. Wonderful sometimes shares, sometimes doesn’t.  He knows my appetite; if we don’t share, a bountiful doggy bag walks out the door with us.  I have never been one to stuff myself, and at 45+, it just seems to be a torturous thing to do, regardless of the desire to indulge in the temptatious food before me.

sweet and sour beef Sumo

The menu was huge; it seemed pages and pages of the same ingredients; I knew I wanted a good burst of flavor, protein, crispy veggies, and rice noodles, yet the section with rice noodles was extremely limited.  When I asked our server if I could replace the rice with noodles, her response was “Oh, absolutely!”  Good to know.  I am learning about the Thai menus and ordering!

The sweet and sour beef was my choice because of the tomatoes included in the dish, and a hopeful burst of flavor.  I love tomatoes and all their redeeming nutrients, and there wasn’t a plethora of dishes with tomatoes to choose from.

Sumo salmon; plentiful and ever so tasty!
Sumo salmon; plentiful and ever so tasty!

Mr. Wonderful ordered the Sumo Grilled Snapper.  And, WOW!, it was a dish for a man like Mr. Wonderful.  It was plentiful, tasteful, and included all the nutrient packed veggies to satisfy the healthy side, yet flavorful enough to truly quench his palate.  The snapper was slightly crispy on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the inside; and did I say plentiful?  It was truly a very generous portion and in itself, worth the visit.

My sweet and sour beef was good, yet questionable.  The beef, for the most part, was tender, but it had a tang that meant it was on its last leg.  Being that I have a stomach of steel, I continued.  The veggies were cooked just like I like them; cooked only enough that they had their crunch still in tact, and bite size; not chopped to the extent that the true flavor of the vegetable is lost.  But, for being sweet and sour, I could not get the sour taste to shine through.  I tried various sauces available, but I just didn’t find the flavors that I expected.  Our server was responsive, but she had a lot of tables to serve, and the personal conviction to making sure each client was maximizing the experience was distant.  Had I reached out, expressing more of my desires, maybe she would have been able to satisfy my palate with some spice and ‘saucy’ recommendations.

Sushi Chefs at Sumo House
Sushi Chefs at Sumo House

The sushi bar looked energetic and appetizing, yet still relaxing, if that is possible!  Next time, I will opt for seating at the bar, and see what flavors are aroused by watching the sushi chefs work their magic.  And, I will order from the sushi menu.  Just to try something different.  Time to shake it up 🙂

Most importantly, Mr. Wonderful and I were able to talk; to discuss the demanding week without being inundated with interruptive noises, too much activity around our table, or too much traffic.  We had a very pleasant meal and were able to enjoy each others’ company.  At the end of a hectic week , this is Friday night we needed.

Will we go back?  Yes!  I did love the hum of so many people in very quiet conversations, in the comfy booths with the musician providing the perfect backdrop, reconnecting and simply enjoying each other, with the very full  plates of good food being the compliment.  It was all about relaxing and  being served for ages 21 to 90ish, pleasantly and peacefully. We will return. Everyone seemed happy!


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