The second visit to Grant Station’s Rib City; as promised.

Grant Station                Entry rib city
For those of you who read the first visit review, thank you for coming back for a second visit!  

So; this time I wanted to actually look at the menu, the wine list, the artifacts, decorations, and especially the second floor.  For those who are in an area such as this, where there is a water way incredibly abundant of beautiful creatures, islands of peace and harmony, and endless miles of shorelines of wildlife, I wanted to see as much as possible.  

This is an area of such abundance, yet very few establishments on the Inter-coastal Water
Way that when a new one is born, I want to be included.  We have a few, sprinkled here and there, but sometimes the ‘party’ atmosphere overrides the commitment to service and quality.  I was hoping for a new experience that catered more to the quality and service!  And, I was not disappointed.  

The second floor was nostalgic with early to mid 20th century musical instruments, motorcycles, and posters from an age of growth and exploration.  We witnessed an elderly couple hiking up the steep stairs just to admire the sentiments.  Grant Station does have a museum feeling; an appreciation for the years of the past that got us here.  And then the train came; thank you again, Johnny!

Buffallo shrimp appetiser

We ordered the buffalo shrimp appetizer; I do not recall saying hot or mild, but it was very plentiful and drizzled in a very sweet and spicy buffalo sauce.  I am not into fried fod, but I liked this.  The shrimp were not big and plump, but even being small, it was abundant, really tasteful, and was worth ordering again.

I ordered the La Terre Chardonnay, and Mr. Wonderful ordered a Shock Top.  The La Terre was sweeter yet vinegary than my palate could tolerate, so I tried the Starmont Sauvignon Blanc.  It was tolerable.  I am not a snobby white wine connoisseur, by any means, but these were just not good.  My favorite wine is about $4 per bottle, and I have no problem eating on plastic plates with plastic forks.  But, I do have a highbrow attitude when it comes to flatware.  If a restaurant is serving up a nice presentation, I do expect the flatware to have decent weight, and God forbid a fork prong is bent.  That’s just inappropriate.  Sorry.  I digress.  

Crispy shrimp salad

Our salads came; I ordered the Crispy Shrimp Salad.  I was presented with a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, absolutely smothered in fried shrimp.  As you can see by the picture, I was delighted to dig through the shrimp to see the salad.  Cudos to Rib City for ensuring the patrons get plenty of ‘meat’.  I counted over 25 breaded shrimp on my salad which is quite admirable.  What I questioned was adding some flavor to the shrimp.  It was served with a side of what seemed to be butter, butter, and more butter, with maybe a hint of a BBQ’y sauce.  It was not worth a second dip.  It was also served with a very generous portion of blue cheese dressing, which I truly appreciated.  I am always one to ask for seconds of the dressings and I with this very generous amount, that was unnecessary.   

Buffalo Chicken salad

Mr. Wonderful’s Buffalo Chicken Salad was served with a good portion of chicken, (not as plentiful as my shrimp) and on the same bed of greens, onions, and tomatoes.  But.. there was no ‘buffalo’.  We asked the server for a side of  buffalo sauce, and we received the same butter with a splash of something BBQ, which was disappointing.  

We both chose to dip our shrimp and chicken into the remaining buffalo sauce from our buffalo shrimp appetizer, and it was delicious.  The buffalo chicken salad would have been much better had the possibility of ordering according to one’s ‘saucy’ needs been offered.  It was unseasoned which makes one wonder why it is called Buffalo Chicken Salad?

 The server was doing his absolute best to ensure we had a very nice dining experience, and we did.  He was very attentive and seemed honestly in tune to helping us enjoy our lunch.  We had a sweet respect for him when he brought the ‘black book’ back and told Mr. Wonderful that he must have been mistaken when he said ‘no change necessary’.  The very diligent and proud young man deserved every cent of his tip!

A few hick-ups with the representations on the menu, but I think the staff is willing to work with anyones palate to satisfy.  We should have simply said, ‘we expected the same flavor as the buffalo shrimp’, and I am sure they would have obliged.  I certainly welcome their presence here, and will frequent them .  The food is abundant, service excellent, atmosphere is very unlike this area (only Marsh Landings in Fellsmere would be a comparison in environment but RC is more quiet with a personal ambiance), and cleanliness and aura are very praiseworthy.   I wish there was more of a ‘river’ view from the second floor.  It is odd that in this area of beautiful possibilities along the river we have very few dining experiences to enjoy the tranquility that the Intercoastal waterway offers.

I highly recommend Rib City at Grant Station for a very reasonably priced, plentiful, and tasteful meal with better than average service and atmosphere. When the weather breaks, I have no doubt that their outside tiki seating will be a hit with those waiting, and I hope to hear that they will offering a music venue soon!

Rib City Picnic Menu

One more thing that impressed me; the picnic packs.  It seems to me that if this became well known information for the local boaters and fishermen, this would be quite the hit!  I have gone to KFC to pick up a pan of mac and cheese for an outing that costs more than the Chicken and BBQ pack that serves 4-6.  That’s a deal!




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