A must follow: teresadevine.wordpress.com “A Devine Journey of Faith”

This is one paragraph of many of her scribed experiences in her Journey of Faith:

Along the journey, by faith, I responded to a call to visit Rwanda and God used this experience to break my hardened heart and opening my blind eyes to the true needs of the world and what is important through His eyes.  Traveling three more times to Rwanda over a six year period enabled many blessings and confirmations of His purpose by loving and serving others half way around the world, selflessly, for His glory.  The most recent trip to Rwanda lasted forty days and I refer to it as my time in the dessert because I was so unclear about my future and God showed up. In search of where I should serve, I lead a technology mission but God used this time to teach me how to be still and seek Him in a new way which created the desire to put Him first in my life.  Being alone, in solitude, I found the peace of connecting with God by removing the constant distractions and people closest to me so He could gain my undivided attention.  Through my morning routine of prayer, devotions and Bible study, I could feel His Grace and love for me.  He also helped me recognize the unfruitful branches (John 15) that keep me separated from Him. I had to get real with myself, my misgivings and seek forgiveness. Through the Word each morning, I gained His strength and acknowledged that He had not been my first priority and that He must be going forward to live a fulfilling life serving Him.


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