What are you doing with another boring evening? The splendid seduction of simplicity

dark stormy sky 2What did you do the last time you faced an evening of same old same old? T.V. is most often the answer; computer games; social media. And yet life is supposed to be exciting. How? In this age of obesity, divorce, and depression, we have to look; open our eyes beyond~

Unfortunately we have one more evening together before the ‘24 hour work schedule’ resumes. How can we make the most of it without making ‘it’ into an event?

                                                                 We made it delicious!  

Sometimes, it is hard to see the forest from the trees, but if you think while you look, the opportunities can be incredibly overwhelming; just allow yourself to indulge and find excitement in simplicity and temptation.

We chose to go for a swim at the beach, where the dark clouds would overcome any possibility of a romantic sunset and the throbbing waves would conjure feelings of reckless abandonment of intelligence.  Waters unchartered for us, it seemed stupidly simple, yet abundantly gracious.  It was  inviting and seductive. The cool waves lapped up over our bodies as we felt no restraint to swim at dusk among the bait fish, in August, when the sharks and tarpons were in a feeding frenzy, when the sky offered no glimpse of illuminating the waters, and the hint of the earths ceiling rumbling in thunder offered a shuddering awareness of foolhardiness.  The celestial sphere was in action. Another first, and another scintillating feeling of complete understanding of detachment of normality.  An exulting wave of tediousness and jadedness avoided.  Another day of awareness and  simple appreciation of the world in which I exist.
 The darkness made room for all the senses to spike in pure alertness; the occasional creature of the sea moving about our bodies, the upcoming wave to break just feet away, and the approaching storm to nullify any feeling of security.  The reflection of the western sunset that could only be caught in an outline around the storming, chattering clouds made for an eerie reality; yet the brush of his warm skin despite the briskness of the salty sea, and his strong body buoyant in the crashing climaxes of the waves released any ambiguity of our purpose there.  The perplexity of the dangers, yet the sedation of the cool water and its rhythmic motion offered complete seduction of the moment, overwhelming the appreciation of another evening spent together, accomplishing more firsts, and making the absolute most of a very simple evening, ending another wonderful week, and the anticipation of starting another with a recharged but uncluttered mind.    Refreshed, renewed, and curious.


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