Another new and unique experience: Thanks to Johnny Cash; a second return is in order.

Grant Station

As you know, keeping life exciting for us is doing something new as often as possible. We heard (Mr. Wonderful heard; I had no idea. Shame on me; I am usually up on the births around here!) a new place at Grant Station in Grant, FL, called Rib City. So, we went for a birthday celebration a few days later. First, the exterior is absolutely unique for anyplace that I have visited within 100 miles of here. No expense was spared in the drive, entry, and outside seating area. Brick pavers, gorgeous woodwork, and tropical gardening makes one immediately feel the mood of the place. You are our guest; relax, enjoy, take a deep breath and exhale some stress! But, then, taking me by total surprise (I’m easily entertained so it seems) and total delight, when I hear the train a’comin, I really heard the train a’comin, Johnny Cash said so for all to enjoy! Anyone who has ever been to Grant knows the railroad track is less than 100 feet off the main route of US 1. But, these guys had to make it an affair! Every time the train comes the establishment is in ‘song’ singing with the Great Man in Black about that train and seeing that sunshine once again. What a hoot! I loved it. But, as a writer who is supposed to be paying attention to all the food being hoisted onto the large wooden table with each high chair being different from the other, and surrounded by very unique nostalgia, I was off my game.Entry rib city

The service could not have been better on this trip. The smiles, southern accents, and friendly and perfectly timed service made it sooo simple. My plate (plastic service complete) was filled with more food than I could eat in three meals. When I am served French fries, which I try not to eat often, I must eat them first because I know they will not be good, for me, (for the dogs – oh yeah, they love them) warmed up. But, having the sampling of sauces to dip them in was over the top. Sweet bbq, vinegar bbq, mustard bbq, and spicey bbq. They were all delicious to me, and if one was lacking in being absolutely perfect, I simply added a touch of another to make it the flavor I needed. I consumed the fries, and the pulled pork which had a delicious flavor, but just a tad dry,then had no room for the chicken and ribs still remaining. I did, however, have to try the coleslaw. I am not a coleslaw fan. Typically it is shaved to the point that a newborn could gum it down, or so sweet I could just as easy drink a glass of port! But, this was perfect. The cabbage was torn with the fingers  with just the right amount of vinegar, I’m assuming honey, pepper and salt; it may have had a hint of citrus,too. I cleaned the bowl.


Rib City Pick 3 Combo

Mr. Wonderful had the full rack of baby ribs. He said the ‘deal’ at Rib City is that if you have to use your knife (being it plastic which shows their confidence) that the meal is free. I never saw his knife in action, and I only saw the plate served full, then soon empty. He said the flavor was delicious; they were tender and slow baked and moist. They didn’t quite fall of the bone (as his do! YUM!), but they were still the best ribs in the area. He also felt the bbq sauces were right on order. His sauce being the only sauce to top them; but his of course is a secret sauce, and the only ingredient I will share is one of the liquor variety.

Full rack baby back ribs

Being a woman who was taught to not look at prices on the menu, I have no idea what the cost of the plates were; but his comment was six of us ate for less than $100.00, (no alcohol). Everyone was very happy with their food, and I only saw one other doggy bag being carefully protected as we exited. As I said, I was off my game with Johnny humming in my ear and a table so full of sweet and happy conversation and birthday wishes that I couldn’t complete my job to its best; so another visit is to be expected shortly. Next time, I promise to actually look at the menu, the wine and beer offerings, and speak of more palate pleasing teasers. We didn’t even make it to the second floor which is supposed to be the best. Next time!


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