Marriage and Faith: My personal enrichment from Frank Gifford and KLG

Frank & KLGMarriage & faith: A divorce prevented; a family forever united in blissful memories.

My personal enrichment from Frank Gifford and KLG:

Other than KLG & Frank’s, I’ve never witnessed a marriage survive infidelity without the forever igniting and burning and then the smoldering of the ashes from the daily backlash of the spouse so burned. Forgiving and forgetting? No, just begrudging the ownership of the state of to-be or not-to-be; reliving the destructive fire of deceit, every day. KLG and Frank Gifford changed my perspective on how people can move forward with true love and true forgiveness.

In a world where woman are now dominant (when they realize it), men cheating is a threat to the man’s well being as much or more so than to the woman’s well being, and women cheating is as prolific as the male’s ‘need to breed’, it is heart warming, hopeful, and consoling to learn that a family can live devotedly, blissfully, and vivaciously after a set back of the most heartfelt kind.

Smart women and men who have seen the loving union of two people endure the most difficult of times, no longer tolerate cheating. Is this why divorce is at an all time high? You cheat; you leave. Now days, women and men do not have to tolerate the cruel insolence (divorce is less and less an icky stigma) and we hope, are commended for living lives in harmony that are abundant in regard, honor, and admiration for their choice of unifying. But, when cheating happens, how do we stay united?

Kathie Lee Gifford’s ability to forgive Frank, due to her faith in God, allowed this family to thrive almost twenty more years. Those are precious years of sharing happiness, growth, and memories that would have all been tainted, to say the least, had she not had her faith; and justifiably in the thoughts of many. However, moving forward without the resentment, without the harshness of jealousy and regret, and without the hot coals ready to ignite at the most trite of a spark, allowed the glowing bond, the humor, the encouragement, and the validation of their commitment to let sleeping dogs lie, (of course after and only after the conviction was cemented that the buried bone will never again be exposed).

To those of us on the outside looking in, (not knowing either of them personally by any stretch), it seems that the faith KLG had in God allowed her and her family to fulfill every family’s dream of being a united family; a family that learns from each other, that practices a life of gratitude and serving; caring for and supporting each other and those much less fortunate, and enjoying every ounce of humor, adoration, and love for the moment, for their lifetimes, and for the legacy of the remembrances that they will forever have.

Rest in Peace Frank Gifford, and God bless KLG, Cody, and Cassidy.


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