Mind over matter: Positive vs. Negative: Control and Devotion

Every sunrise is a new canvas.. how do you choose to paint it?
Every sunrise is a new canvas.. how do you choose to paint it?


At the end of every sunset comes a rested sunrise; a virgin canvas that only you can paint to make it dull or colorful, abstract or surreal, beautiful enough to want to clone it, or disappointing to the extent of discarding it as haggard. In the closed minds of those who have an inclination of stubbornness and thwart learning from every enchanting or each loathing experience, the negative will arise previous to the positive.  God made us with the innate capability to overcome all obstacles; but many of us bask in the loathing and circumvent the possibilities of the enchanting only because will power takes concentration and practice.  It is easier to blame and criticize then to construct a will of praise, determination, vivacity, and optimism.

A daily practice of praise and gratitude upon the eyes awakening yields a sunset of beatitude and prosperity.  There are bad mornings, horrific days, and bleak sunsets; yet … during the turmoil, caos, and despair, were my hands and prayers stretched out to ‘Our Maker’ in concrete devout understanding that “I” know He will carry me through this and if “I” trust in Him, my future will be guided by His light, and my light will shine on those looking upon me, as He created me to do so.  We were not created to live this life without His purpose first and foremost.



This was a beautiful sunset in the midwest; through the rain and storms, came the beauty to prepare us for tomorrow.

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