A Raving Review: Port Side Grill, Sebastian, FL

IMG_1507Soft shell crab BLT?  REALLY??  Oh Yes!!

Beach Comber Burger; mouth watering!!  Grilled to perfection!

Wings; I never rate wings, BUT these are worth rating!

In my quest to always try something new, when I saw the soft shell crab BLT on the ‘specials’ board, I didn’t even explore the menu.  Something so unique must be an adventure to the pallet!

When Mr. Wonderful ordered wings for an appetizer, my though was greasy, slimy, fatty, and salty before my much anticipated, never tasted before, soft shell crab BLT.   Appetizers for me are wayyyy too much food, or I order them in place of the entree.  At 50 years old, the last thing I do is stuff myself!  To heck with a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips; one thought of food and my body adds a pound just for thinking about it!


Much to my surprise, the wings were          the best I’ve ever had and here is why.  They had very little breading yet were crunchy.  They were light, crispy, meaty, and the perfect spicy-ness!  I usually drown my wings in blue cheese; but for these, just a hint of coolness and creaminess from the blue cheese made them unusually gratifying.  With the perfect combination of flavor and crunch, I only needed two.  We had to plan for the doggie bag.

My BLT, as simple as it looks, was overwhelmingly flavorful; to the point that there was no need for any dressings, any fries; nothing more.  I ate my side salad first because it looked fresh and bountiful, and I didn’t want anything to interrupt the flavors of my blt; it was simply a smart side salad.  Most places serve either ice berg lettuce (yuck!) or romaine, and a bite of tomato, and maybe a slice of cucumber or onion.  This one was plentiful in arugula (yummmmy!), carrot waffles, several bites of tomato, onion, and cucumber and the mango dressing was simply complimentary without masking the fresh vegetables, yet delicious.





The BLT was amazing.  The crunch and full flavor of the bacon with the soft flavor of the crab made it completely satisfying!  Every bite needed to be explored to ‘get’ the combination of flavors.  The bread was toasted perfectly ( I am extremely picky with toasted breads; I have a stupidly soft pallet and toasted bread is one of the things that will literally slice up the roof of my mouth! ((which is one of the reasons I am experimenting with forming my own vegetable bread recipes)). Last but not least, the tomato actually had flavor; in Florida, that isn’t always the case!


Mr. Wonderful’s Beach Comber Burger was a juicy mouthful of flavors meant to be married!  The brie, onions, banana peppers, and sweet chili on top of the exquisitely grilled medium burger was a burst of sweet sensations combined with mild heat, but the ever-so-lightly grilled bun added the perfect finish.  Each bite was juicy, crunchy, and full of flavor.  The best burger I’ve tasted!  I’m not a ‘burger gal’!  But this is one to crave.

His side of beans was another surprise.  At most places, beans are sugary, syrupy, and bland.  These were not!  The three been combination with a hint of vinegar, onion, and sweetness stood along side the burger tall and proud.  Complimenting, but not overpowering, and another burst of fresh flavors.


The staff is a happy group willing to please and the atmosphere is casual, jovial, and very very friendly.  I first visited Port Side in May to watch the Derby and share in tasting their flights of beer, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I found it to be a place where friends, and friends of strangers- single or not, join to share tastes, experiences, and laughs, and need not worry about those who, after too much imbibing, dictate conversations or drown out the pleasant hum of conversation.  By this, I mean singles are welcome and comfortable, loud-mouthed drunks don’t exist, and conversations range from fish to fortune… anything is welcome and respected.   This place is here to stay, and I am happy to say it is now a favorite of mine!


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