A positive attitude wins the day!

First walk in dandelionsI’ve been asked for many years to share what it takes to stay invigorated (now 50 years old) for the pursuit of love, creativity, peacefulness, desire, passion, intellectual stimulation, and growth.

First and finally, it takes a positive attitude!  When the brain comprehends and visualizes a possibility, a deluge of opportunities arises.   It is as easy as thinking ‘I have next Saturday to explore’.  What are the possibilities?  From the positive thought process, variety abounds.  It could be simply seeing a child’s first experience at something that is ‘mind-blowing’ for her/him.  This particular mind-blowing experience was my grand-daughter’s first walk in dandelions and mesmerized she was.  For me, it made me appreciate something that I haven’t thought about since I was a child.  It may be seeing the peacefulness of a lake after the thunder and lightening just punished the mountains as if they had poked spiteful holes in the heavens.  How could the lake be so tranquil right now?  What are the inhabitants of the mellow waters thinking; do they fear another rumble; or are they completely content with the cool and placatory waters surrounding them?  Or does fear even come into their thought processes?  Oh how cool it would be to have all life’s answers!  How could anyone be bored with so many unanswered questions in the universe!

Calm after stormFor many, Saturday could come and go with these thoughts in mind:   “I have nothing to do”, or ‘I have no-one to do anything with”, or “I could go to the same place with the same friends and do the same thing I do every Saturday’, or “it’s almost night time and I’ve done nothing productive or exciting today. Again.”

Rock City Peacefullness

For the above ‘thoughts’, livinglifescripts was born.  I will introduce a profusion of experiences and thought patterns that keep my life growing on a weekly basis.  Young, not so young, and the elderly all have a purpose, and we all have a chance to explore, grow, make mistakes, create, stumble, share love, and experience a truly energized living while having a peace and contentment that secures the realization that we are blessed to have another day to practice living, and, to make a difference somewhere, somehow, or to someone.  We will never get it perfect, thank God.  If we did, what would we have to do tomorrow?


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